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ZennoLab.InterfacesLibrary.ProjectModel Namespace
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The ZennoLab.InterfacesLibrary.ProjectModel namespace contains interfaces  for working with simple projects data for ZennoPoster. This namespace contains global variable interface, local variable interface, zennotable interface and project model interface.
ClassLastError Contains information of last error of project.
ClassZennoTableStyle Contains information about excel cell style.
ClassZennoTableStyle.Border Contains information about excel cell border style.
InterfaceIGlobalVariable Represents the data of the global variable.
InterfaceILocalVariable Represents the data of the local variable.
InterfaceILogOptions Contains options of execution log of project.
InterfaceIProjectEnvironment Contains information of the envirovment.
InterfaceIZennoList Represents the data of the list. Provides method for binding data.
InterfaceIZennoPosterProjectModel Represents a model of current project. Performs access to global variables, local variables, tables, profile, lists. Contains methods for sending messages of warnings and errors to program's log.
InterfaceIZennoTable Represents the data of the table. Provides methods for editing.
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