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IZennoList Interface
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Represents the data of the list. Provides method for binding data.
Object Model
IZennoList Interface
public interface IZennoList 
This interface can be used in action OwnCode (C# or PHP) of ProjectMaker.
The following code using IZennoList Interface for getting information about list.
// get the list
IZennoList list = project.Lists["List 1"];
// get count
int count = list.Count;
var sb = new StringBuilder();
// items to string
foreach (string str in list) sb.AppendLine(str);
// return the string
return sb.ToString();
// get the list
$list = $project->Lists->get_Item("List 1");
// get count
$count = $list->Count;
$sb = new System\Text\StringBuilder();
// items to string
foreach ($list as $str) $sb->AppendLine($str);
// return the string
return $sb->ToString();

Target Platforms: Desktop: Windows XP SP3 and older. Server: Windows Server 2003 and older.

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