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IZennoCustomCode Interface
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ZennoLab.CommandCenter Namespace : IZennoCustomCode Interface
Defines methods that allow you to run execution of code in ZennoPoster
public interface IZennoCustomCode 
The following example demonstrates the implementation of IZennoCucstomCode
using System;
using ZennoLab.CommandCenter;
namespace ZennoCustomCode
    class Program : IZennoCustomCode
        public int ExecuteCode(Instance instance, IZennoPosterProjectModel project)
            return 0;
use System;
use ZennoLab\CommandCenter;
class Program implements ZennoLab\CommandCenter\IZennoCustomCode
    public function ExecuteCode($instance, $project)
        return 0;

Target Platforms: Desktop: Windows XP SP3 and older. Server: Windows Server 2003 and older.

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