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DisplacementInTabWindow Property (Document)
ZennoLab.CommandCenter Namespace > Document Class : DisplacementInTabWindow Property
Gets the displacement of the upper left corner relative to the tab's window.
public Point DisplacementInTabWindow {get;}

Property Value

Type: System.Drawing.Point

The point of the upper left corner.

The following code example uses the DisplacementInTabWindow property.
using System.Drawing;
// get document
Document doc = tab.MainDocument;
// get the displacement in tab for main document
Point point = doc.DisplacementInTabWindow;
use System\Drawing;
// get document
$doc = $tab->MainDocument;
// get the displacement in tab for main document
$point = $doc->DisplacementInTabWindow;

Target Platforms: Desktop: Windows XP SP3 and older. Server: Windows Server 2003 and older.

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