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IProfile Interface
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Gets the current profile.
Object Model
IProfile Interface
public interface IProfile 
The following example uses property Profile of "project".
// get login
string login = project.Profile.Login;
// set e-mail
project.Profile.Email = "[email protected]";
// set gender if it's not male
if (project.Profile.Sex != ProfileSex.Male) project.Profile.Sex = ProfileSex.Male;
// set name
project.Profile.Name = "HisName";
// get login
$login = $project->Profile->Login;
// set e-mail
$project->Profile->Email = "[email protected]";
// set gender if it's not male
if ($project->Profile->Sex != ProfileSex::Male) $project->Profile->Sex = ProfileSex::Male;
// set name
$project->Profile->Name = "HisName";

Target Platforms: Desktop: Windows XP SP3 and older. Server: Windows Server 2003 and older.

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