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ILocalVariables Interface
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Represents a collection of local variables that can be accessed by name.
Object Model
ILocalVariables Interface
public interface ILocalVariables 
This interface can be used in action OwnCode (C# or PHP) of ProjectMaker.
The following example uses property Variables of "project" for getting and setting value of local variable.
// get local variable
ILocalVariable lv = project.Variables["LocalVariable"];
// get value
string oldValue = lv.Value;
// set value
lv.Value = "NewValue";
// get a new value
string newValue = lv.Value;
// return old and new value
return String.Format("Old value: {0}; New value: {1}", oldValue, newValue);
// get local variable
$lv = $project->Variables->get_Item("LocalVariable");
// get value
$oldValue = $lv->Value;
// set value
$lv->Value = "NewValue";
// get a new value
$newValue = $lv->Value;
// return old and new value
return String::Format("Old value: {0}; New value: {1}", $oldValue, $newValue);

Target Platforms: Desktop: Windows XP SP3 and older. Server: Windows Server 2003 and older.

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